I manage multiple newspapers, do I need multiple subscriptions?

No. When you register, you will be asked how many papers you contribute to and the names. This is so that we can keep track of licensing. As of 2019 all columns articles are completely free.

Can you write a column that is specific to something that is happening in my community?

Yes… more or less. Because the columns are syndicated across North America, we try to stick to topics and ideas that are applicable to all rural communities. Having said that, we have found that issues that are of concern on the West coast are usually the same as those on the East coast, so if you have something specific you are looking for, you can submit a topic request and we will more than likely be able to address it.

How does the pricing and billing work?

As of February 2019, all articles are completely free! You will still need to go through the “checkout” process to download your article so that we can keep track of subscriptions, but there is no payment required.

How long are the articles? What if I need something longer or shorter?

All the articles are 600-800 words.


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What does it cost?

As of February 2019 all articles are FREE!

How does it work?

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