Doug Griffiths, MBA

Doug’s Articles are based on his national best-selling book, 13 Ways to Kill Your Community.

The original 13 columns appear in hundreds of newspapers, which inspired the book, and now the book has inspired the weekly column about ongoing community issues.

Each column explores strategies that can be employed to make communities more successful or identifies pitfalls that cause them to fail. Changing attitudes is critical to changing fortunes.

Through 20 years of working on community building, Griffiths has always asserted that building stronger communities is the most important ingredient to building stronger families and a stronger nation. The content will drive healthy and constructive debate in your community. Much like the book, communities will see themselves in the stories and that will push them to discuss the present situation of the community, and what it wants to be in the future.

Dr. Preston Pouteaux

Dr. Preston Pouteaux is a neighbourhood enthusiast, author, beekeeper, and pastor.

His articles have been printed over one million times in local newspapers and since 2015 has become a welcome addition for editors looking for thoughtful, timely, and hopeful content.

Preston explores themes of neighbourhood and faith in a way that encourages us to bring out the best in others and reminds us that everyone matters. Written an an approachable and personal style, Preston’s articles tell stories, inspire action, surprise, and encourage us to never give up as we work to find meaning and joy in the communities we call home.

Created to be read from our front porch, readers of Preston’s column describe it as a welcome reflection with a fresh tone that sparks new conversations and connections.

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